Beyond excited!

The intern was just in to take my vitals. I am BEYOND EXCITED to share the results:  weight: 202.4, blood pressure: 108/70, pulse: 66 and, drum roll please… Fasting blood sugar: 113!!!!  For those of you who have never known a diabetic or don’t know anything about fasting blood sugars that is an INCREDIBLE number!  Especially since the last medication I took was Wednesday night and I had a ton of fruit with my salad last night for dinner!  The intern was surprised at my blood pressure and pulse because I had just done 6 laps of the courtyard.  I have also discovered a new fruit that I absolutely love. I have no idea what it is yet but it’s red, almost the texture of watermelon and has little white seeds. It’s SO yummy!!!!!  When I get brave enough to go into the kitchen again I’ll ask the chef what it is. Have an OUTSTANDING day!


Let the journey begin…

Tomorrow I will start a 14 day water fast. At least that is the plan right now. I obviously will be listening to my body and adjust accordingly. I haves talked to a few people here who are either in the middle or their fasts or at the end. All of them believe it was the best decision for them. We are monitored very carefully. We have a doctor visit each morning and afternoon who takes vital signs and just checks in on our well being. For our fasting time we are encouraged just to rest. We aren’t allowed to shower because the hot water causes some people to faint. As I said earlier, we also aren’t allowed to brush our teeth with toothpaste, just water. So, for the next 14 days I will be becoming very in tune with my body and myself!  I have to admit it’s taking some adjustment to not having anything, or anyone, to take care of. Totally focusing on me is not something I’ve done since I was in my mid-twenties!  

There is a mix of ages here. I met a lady tonight who is 80 and doing a water fast!  If an 80 year old can do it I can!  There are also people from all over the world. The facility holds 50 residents total. I’m in a 3 bedroom suite. There’s my room, the smallest with no TV; there’s a larger room with a queen bed and a television that shares the bathroom with me. Thankfully right now there isn’t anyone in that room so I have the bathroom to myself. The third room is about the same size as the second room and has a private bath. We share a common living room and kitchen. Although all the kitchen is used for is to store water and that’s where the scale is. Speaking of the scale, I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 203.2!!!!  That’s just from cutting the processed foods out of my diet!  I’ll be in “one”derland, as they like to call it on The Biggest Loser, in no time!  Now I am going to read a little before heading to bed. I’m hoping I sleep better than I did last night. Feet and legs were really bothering me.  More on my adventure tomorrow!

Finally here!

After traveling about 12 hours I finally arrived last night!  The “fun” yesterday included a cancelled connecting flight out of LAX and then a missed bus (by 5 minutes!) which added to the journey time. I have never flown from LA to San Francisco. What a wonderful experience!  For the most part we followed the shore line of the ocean and it was amazing being able to see all the different shades of blue that make up the Pacific Ocean!  There was one part where there is obviously some sort of shelf because the water on the shallower side was this blue-green color and then when it dropped off it was this intense blue. I don’t know why but during this trip I seemed to be very aware of my surroundings. After collecting my bag in San Francisco, and sitting in the cold for 50 minutes, I boarded the very nice Sonoma County Airport Express bus. The bus had wifi so I was able to reach out to my family since my phone had died at the airport (note to self: bring a portable charger or get a new phone!). The ride to Santa Rosa seemed to take forever because of the traffic and 3 stops before mine. The scenery made the trip worthwhile!  I have never been in this area of California. Some of the hills with the rocks jutting out reminded me a little of New Zealand. There was one time where I was looking out the window and saw crops. I couldn’t quite make out what they were till we got a little closer and I realized it was a vineyard!  Rows and rows and rows of grapevines!  I’ve never seen so many!  The bus service was gracious enough to have a cab waiting for me at the bus stop to bring me to True North. I shared the cab with a lady that was staying at a hotel down the road from True North. The cab driver knew where True North was and said that he had brought people here from all over the world!  He said the success stories he had heard from people made him think this was a place that did great work!  And this was a burly tattooed guy!  

I was shown around the facility by an intern since I arrived after hours. I’m getting the full “scoop” this morning. My room is very tiny!  I have a first floor room with a large window that looks out onto the courtyard. My daughter Abbey would not like the  courtyard as its full of the biggest and most beautiful rose bushes!  (Abbey is unfortunately allergic to roses). It’s going to be wonderful sitting in the courtyard enjoying he sunshine and looking at those beautiful roses.  I have a lot more to say and I need to get into the shower!  I have to go officially check-in at 8:30. I will write more about the process later as it’s quite the adventure!  Hint:  I can’t brush my teeth with anything but water while I’m fasting!!!

Less than 24 hours

In less than 24 hours I will be headed to True North.  I’ll be honest, I’m a little anxious.  I had a “discussion” with one of my daughters the other day about my adventure.  I felt like she was thinking that I was weak for not being able to heal myself on my own.  Since other people are a reflection of our own thoughts and feelings, am I thinking that I’m weak for not being able to heal myself???  I guess, in a way, yes.  I also know that the journey I’m embarking on takes strength.  Strength to believe that my family will be ok without me for 3 weeks.  Strength to take this time for myself.  (Most moms that I know of have a really hard time with this!)  Strength to allow myself to experience the journey without expectations or assumptions.  Strength to be vulnerable and daring!

Speaking of vulnerability, I decided I was going to be as honest as I could be with this journey.  In that light, I am starting out this journey at 206lbs (dr’s visit yesterday).  Accomplishment: At my highest, when we moved to Texas, I was probably pushing 275.  For the past few years I’ve been hovering between 210 and 215.  On the paperwork for True North, I actually put 215 as my weight.  I am pleasantly surprised I’ll be starting this adventure 9 pounds lighter!  I’ll be posting a full length picture later this evening.  This is the beginning of my adventure.  One thing I should share, the actual weight number doesn’t matter to me.  It’s a number…  just like my age, 52.  It’s a number.  That’s all.  I didn’t like how when I turned 50 the world seemed to become obsessed with that number. It’s a number.  That’s all.  My mom makes fun of my sister and I because we LOVE to celebrate our birthdays!  Seriously, LOVE!  We’ve talked about why we enjoy it so much and we’ve come up with various theories.  I am always perplexed by people who get upset, anxious, whatever about a number.  It’s a number.  That’s all.  What I’m concentrating on is living my life to the fullest and right now I’m having a hard time doing that because of the pain.  That’s why I’m heading to True North.  Not because of my weight, although that will be a “side-effect” of the stay, but because of being able to live the life I want to be able to live.

Thanks to my OUTSTANDING family, I have the financial and emotional backing I need to be able to take this journey.  I invite you to take the journey with me as I write about my adventures!

Getting ready

I changed the sub-title of my blog after talking to a friend this morning.  We were talking about me going to True North next week and she asked me to think about my expectations. After spending a number of years “working” on myself I should know better than to set expectations.  So, the trip to True North is going to be one step in my continuing journey to be my healthiest and true self!  I am going to go and allow the journey to take me where I need to go.

Let the fun begin!

I was just accepted into the True North program!!!!  (If you’re interested in learning more click here)  I will be checking in to the facility on April 28 and will be there till May 19.  I will be honest in saying that I’m a little scared as I will be participating in a water fast for an, as of yet, undetermined amount of time.  Jay, my husband, and I did a juice fast about 5 years ago.  I made it to day 3 before I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown!  I have chosen to stay in the economy room because of two reasons.  First, the economics – it’s cheaper!  Second, the room is small and doesn’t have a television.  This adventure is going to be about me getting healthy.  It’s not going to be about me falling into the same patterns of unhealthy behavior.  TV=boredom, eating, etc.  I’m going to download a ton of books into my iPad and I’m going to read.  I will also be blogging daily about my adventure!  I promise that I will be honest about how I am feeling, what is going on with my body and my mind.  I hope you will virtually join me on this journey!