Let the fun begin!

I was just accepted into the True North program!!!!  (If you’re interested in learning more click here)  I will be checking in to the facility on April 28 and will be there till May 19.  I will be honest in saying that I’m a little scared as I will be participating in a water fast for an, as of yet, undetermined amount of time.  Jay, my husband, and I did a juice fast about 5 years ago.  I made it to day 3 before I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown!  I have chosen to stay in the economy room because of two reasons.  First, the economics – it’s cheaper!  Second, the room is small and doesn’t have a television.  This adventure is going to be about me getting healthy.  It’s not going to be about me falling into the same patterns of unhealthy behavior.  TV=boredom, eating, etc.  I’m going to download a ton of books into my iPad and I’m going to read.  I will also be blogging daily about my adventure!  I promise that I will be honest about how I am feeling, what is going on with my body and my mind.  I hope you will virtually join me on this journey!


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