Finally here!

After traveling about 12 hours I finally arrived last night!  The “fun” yesterday included a cancelled connecting flight out of LAX and then a missed bus (by 5 minutes!) which added to the journey time. I have never flown from LA to San Francisco. What a wonderful experience!  For the most part we followed the shore line of the ocean and it was amazing being able to see all the different shades of blue that make up the Pacific Ocean!  There was one part where there is obviously some sort of shelf because the water on the shallower side was this blue-green color and then when it dropped off it was this intense blue. I don’t know why but during this trip I seemed to be very aware of my surroundings. After collecting my bag in San Francisco, and sitting in the cold for 50 minutes, I boarded the very nice Sonoma County Airport Express bus. The bus had wifi so I was able to reach out to my family since my phone had died at the airport (note to self: bring a portable charger or get a new phone!). The ride to Santa Rosa seemed to take forever because of the traffic and 3 stops before mine. The scenery made the trip worthwhile!  I have never been in this area of California. Some of the hills with the rocks jutting out reminded me a little of New Zealand. There was one time where I was looking out the window and saw crops. I couldn’t quite make out what they were till we got a little closer and I realized it was a vineyard!  Rows and rows and rows of grapevines!  I’ve never seen so many!  The bus service was gracious enough to have a cab waiting for me at the bus stop to bring me to True North. I shared the cab with a lady that was staying at a hotel down the road from True North. The cab driver knew where True North was and said that he had brought people here from all over the world!  He said the success stories he had heard from people made him think this was a place that did great work!  And this was a burly tattooed guy!  

I was shown around the facility by an intern since I arrived after hours. I’m getting the full “scoop” this morning. My room is very tiny!  I have a first floor room with a large window that looks out onto the courtyard. My daughter Abbey would not like the  courtyard as its full of the biggest and most beautiful rose bushes!  (Abbey is unfortunately allergic to roses). It’s going to be wonderful sitting in the courtyard enjoying he sunshine and looking at those beautiful roses.  I have a lot more to say and I need to get into the shower!  I have to go officially check-in at 8:30. I will write more about the process later as it’s quite the adventure!  Hint:  I can’t brush my teeth with anything but water while I’m fasting!!!


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