Beyond excited!

The intern was just in to take my vitals. I am BEYOND EXCITED to share the results:  weight: 202.4, blood pressure: 108/70, pulse: 66 and, drum roll please… Fasting blood sugar: 113!!!!  For those of you who have never known a diabetic or don’t know anything about fasting blood sugars that is an INCREDIBLE number!  Especially since the last medication I took was Wednesday night and I had a ton of fruit with my salad last night for dinner!  The intern was surprised at my blood pressure and pulse because I had just done 6 laps of the courtyard.  I have also discovered a new fruit that I absolutely love. I have no idea what it is yet but it’s red, almost the texture of watermelon and has little white seeds. It’s SO yummy!!!!!  When I get brave enough to go into the kitchen again I’ll ask the chef what it is. Have an OUTSTANDING day!


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