Let the journey begin…

Tomorrow I will start a 14 day water fast. At least that is the plan right now. I obviously will be listening to my body and adjust accordingly. I haves talked to a few people here who are either in the middle or their fasts or at the end. All of them believe it was the best decision for them. We are monitored very carefully. We have a doctor visit each morning and afternoon who takes vital signs and just checks in on our well being. For our fasting time we are encouraged just to rest. We aren’t allowed to shower because the hot water causes some people to faint. As I said earlier, we also aren’t allowed to brush our teeth with toothpaste, just water. So, for the next 14 days I will be becoming very in tune with my body and myself!  I have to admit it’s taking some adjustment to not having anything, or anyone, to take care of. Totally focusing on me is not something I’ve done since I was in my mid-twenties!  

There is a mix of ages here. I met a lady tonight who is 80 and doing a water fast!  If an 80 year old can do it I can!  There are also people from all over the world. The facility holds 50 residents total. I’m in a 3 bedroom suite. There’s my room, the smallest with no TV; there’s a larger room with a queen bed and a television that shares the bathroom with me. Thankfully right now there isn’t anyone in that room so I have the bathroom to myself. The third room is about the same size as the second room and has a private bath. We share a common living room and kitchen. Although all the kitchen is used for is to store water and that’s where the scale is. Speaking of the scale, I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 203.2!!!!  That’s just from cutting the processed foods out of my diet!  I’ll be in “one”derland, as they like to call it on The Biggest Loser, in no time!  Now I am going to read a little before heading to bed. I’m hoping I sleep better than I did last night. Feet and legs were really bothering me.  More on my adventure tomorrow!


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