The body is an interesting machine

As I start day 2 I’m becoming a little more contemplative. My weight was 200.4 this morning and yet my blood sugar went up from 113 yesterday to 123 this morning. How does my blood sugar go up when I’m not eating???  I did a few laps this morning and stopped, literally, to smell the roses shown below. I thought to myself, as I looked at each of them in the various stages of bloom, that those of us going through this journey are not unlike the roses. Some of us have just started the journey and are closed buds or just starting to open. Some of us are half way open, maybe towards the end of their fasting and some, like that big beauty in the picture, have reached our full blossom and are showing our full brilliance and fragrance to the world. I have a whole bunch of DVD’s to watch while I’m here. Yesterday I watched the two on fasting. They were quite interesting and gave me insight as to what I might experience and the path the body takes while fasting. Today or tomorrow my system starts going in to the stored fat cells for energy. The difference between fasting and starvation is that the body is using fat cells for energy during fasting and during starvation it’s using muscle. That’s why there are certain people that they won’t allow to do a fast. Side note:  I just looked out my window and saw a woman who was using a walker when I arrived. She just walked into the kitchen without the walker!!!!  I don’t know her name but WOOOHOOOOO for her!  I hope she’s overjoyed!  I’ll have to congratulate her if I see her later. 

I’m still feeling a little hungry. That will supposedly go away in the next 24 hours or so.  There is some enzyme or hormone or something that takes over and removes the hunger. I don’t remember having felt this weak since I fractured my pelvis in 89. Another side bar since an intern just came in to check on my well-being:  I asked her about my blood sugars going up. She said that the insulin receptors are basically being blocked by fat cells right now. She said the insulin is going to the muscles, with the glucose, and the muscles are saying “nope, we’re using fat now we don’t need you” so it stays in the blood stream causing my blood sugar to go up.  Makes sense. 

I’m still trying to get my mind to realize that it doesn’t need to do anything but relax right now. I keep feeling like I need to “take care of things”. Although I don’t have the energy, right now, to take care of much except to make it to the bathroom and back to my room!  They do have classes on Sunday so I’m looking forward to learning more today. 

Have an outstanding day and take some time to stop and smell the roses!


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