As suspected I hit “one”derland this morning weighing in at 198.4. And for anyone who read my earlier posts, yes, this is still just a number.  I have to weigh myself every day for the doctors so I post it too. Am I happy to be back in the 100’s again?  Most definitely!  However, it’s because of what the number represents not because of the actual number. The number represents that I’m in my way to being healthy again!  It represents that I won’t have to take medication anymore!  It represents that I’ll be able to move better!  If another number represented that I would be thrilled with that number as well. 

I thought I’d share today what a typical day looks like for me at True North. I wake up somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30am. I go to the restroom and fill my water glass in the kitchen on my way back to my room. I do my dry brushing and a 5 minute energy routine. Thankfully the  energy routine doesn’t require bending over (I get light-headed!). I get dressed, make my bed and check my email. Then it’s time for my morning walk.  I do a few laps around the courtyard before the doctor makes his/her morning rounds. The doctor and an intern come in and take vital signs and my blood sugar. I then normally head outside with my book and read for an hour or so. Another few laps around the courtyard.  10am brings lecture one of the day. These normally last from 1-2 hours. I head back to my room during lunch time as it’s still challenging fo me to be around food.  2pm brings another lecture, again, lasting 1-2 hours.  (Side bar before I forget:  blood pressure: 99/64, pulse:61, blood sugar: 75!!!!!!)  The afternoons are challenging for me as this is when my energy starts draining. So, I normally will do some more laps and then just sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes. Then I head back to my room to watch one of the DVD’s and rest. The room has a massage pad on one of the chairs so I take advantage of that too.  I stick to my room till after dinner and then back outside till dusk. It’s hard for me to stay wake now so I just curl up in the reclining chair in the living room and watch a movie. Bed is at 9pm. I’ve found I’m sleeping fairly well. I think this is because I’m not giving in to napping during the day. This routine is, for the most part, repeated daily.   Tonight, and for the next two nights, I get to do a gentle yoga class!  I’m very excited about doing some stretching in an environment where they are trained to watch out for us fasting people!  Again, I just need to listen to my body. Something I am definitely becoming more accustomed to as the time goes on.  

Have an OUTSTANDING day!


One thought on ““One”derland!!!!!!

  1. Congratulations on all the awesome numbers!!!! As you said they are just numbers and they represent an exciting future.


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