Day 4

Vitals first. Blood sugar:65; Blood pressure: 110/64; pulse: 53; weight: 196.6

My thoughts on my vital signs:

I seem to be averaging a 2 pound a day weight loss instead of the normal 1 pound.  I was concerned about my blood sugar getting that low. Thankfully I ran into my doctor in the courtyard this morning and she said if it gets to 50 they will start taking it more than once a day. She said if it reaches 40 they will take me off water and put me on juice as that low can be dangerous. She also told me the signs to look for when it gets that low so that if it does happen I can get my butt to the office or call for someone. 

I was in a lot of pain last night and only got about 4 hours of sleep. Dr’s think its my body detoxing as that’s what normally happens around this time. Thankfully the hunger is subsiding. Today will be a down day for me since I’m still in pain and tired. It’s also kind of cloudy outside and chilly. Sounds like a great day for a movie marathon!  

Since the hunger is subsiding I’m able to watch what the staff eat. They eat a LOT!!!!  It’s all based on calorie density. For example, for the same calories in an average bowl of ice cream you could have 3 baked potatoes, a pound of green beans, a pound of cherries and something else that I can’t remember off the top of my sleepy head!  Seriously!!!  You couldn’t eat all that!  If anyone is interest in calorie density Google “Jeff Novick calorie density”. He has some great charts on calorie density. I will go into more depth tomorrow, after I’m more awake😉, about the way of eating they teach here.

My sister asked me to post more pictures so here is one of my baby room and one of the living room. There’s a full coach on the right side outside the picture of the living room. The dark chair in the front of the picture has a massage pad on it. Heavenly!  Excuse the mess on my desk 😋. Till tomorrow!  Have an outstanding day!


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