Day 5

Vitals: weight: 194; blood pressure: 110/76; pulse: 70; fasting blood sugar: 77

I only got 2 hours of sleep last night because of how much pain I’m in in my legs and back. The doctors are thinking it may be an electrolyte issue so they have given me a choice to add broth (not breaking the fast) or going to juice (breaking the fast). One of my goals, in coming to True North, was to learn to listen to my body more effectively. So, I have decided to try the broth first, since that technically isn’t breaking the fast, to see if that helps with the pain. I’ll give it a few days, since that will take me to day 7, and then if I’m still in pain I’ll go to the juice. I will also have blood work done, I believe on Friday, and that may give them some insight as well. 

I have lots of information to share and am just to tired to do it right now.  So, please enjoy some of the beautiful flowers that I get to enjoy as I’m lapping the courtyard. As my family can attest to I don’t go anywhere without taking pictures of flowers!  They’ve actually joked that we won’t know where we went because all the pictures are flowers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


3 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Gorgeous photos as always!!! I’m so curious to see what happens with the broth test. You’re body is sending you a message the question is, what specifically is it saying???


  2. Yes, I went with the broth option as to try not to break the fast. I’m going to give that 48 hours to see how the pain is doing. If it’s subsiding I’ll just keep with the broth. If it’s not I’ll switch to the juice. Today is also urinalysis day and I think tomorrow is blood work day. That may also give us some insight as to what is going on. The staff here are doing everything they can think of to try to make me comfortable (except obviously giving me drugs!)


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