Day 6 Information day

Vitals: blood pressure: 105/63; Pulse:67; blood sugar: 75; weight: 192.6

I got a little more sleep last night, 4.5 hours according to my FitBit. Still not enough but I’ll take it. As I was walking this morning I started to think about all the information that I’ve been provided in just the 6 days I’ve been here and felt like I needed to be a little soap box-ish today. The information I’m going to provide is backed up by either the NIH (National Institue of Health), the World Health Organization or by studies that have been done by people other than the pharmaceutical companies.

There was a study done a while back, that some of you may remember about the “Blue Zones”. These are areas in the world where people live the longest. Someone did a comparison of all of the different lifestyles of the people in these various regions and found that they all shared a few commonalities which one could extrapolate are the reason they live longer. First, they all have a strong sense of family. Second, they don’t smoke. Third, they all have some sort of consistent moderate physical activity. Fourth, social engagement – community involvement. Last, but definitely not least, they ALL ate a predominantly plant based diet high in legumes. 

Despite any information that you may have heard regarding us living longer than our ancestors, at 65 we are really only living 7 years longer and at age 83 only 3 years than people in 1900. The average person will spend 9.4 years in some sort of dibilitated state at the end of their lives. They will spend 18 years in ill health!!  18 years!!!!  We spend $2 TRILLION dollars on obesity related diseases. 3/4 of every health care dollar is spent on diet and lifestyle related diseases. In 1960 we spent twice as much money on food as we did on health care. Guess what it is today…exactly reversed. We are spending twice as much on health care as we are on food!!!  The United States has the shortest life span and poorer health than ANY industrialized nation!  ANY!!!!  Some of our top causes of death are completely preventable and reversible by a diet and lifestyle change! 

What makes us healthy: 20% genetics; 50% healthy behaviors, 20% environment, 10% health care. And yet this is the breakdown of where our money is going: 88% on health care and 4% on healthy behaviors. Does anyone else see an issue with that????  We are spending a fraction of the money on the healthy behaviors that keep us healthy compared to health care that only has a 10% impact on our overall health. That is INSANE!!!!  

The New York Times, I didn’t write down the year, did an expose on the processed food industry. In this expose they discovered that not only did the industry know that their “food” was addictive that they went out of their way, by hiring scientist that knew about such things, to purposely make them addictive!!!  The expose was called “I feel so sorry for the public”. 

Yesterday in one of the lectures I attended they showed us a film of normal blood flow through your veins. It flows at about 25mph!!!  However, he then showed us the same arteries after someone had eaten a high fat meal. It looked like Chicago, LA or Dallas during rush hour.  Barely moving. It lasts that way for 10 HOURS!!!!  So, if your continuely eating a diet high in fat your blood is never moving at the rate that it’s supposed to and what your body was designed for. 

Now my rant about drugs. You will NEVER, YES I MEAN NEVER, get healthy on medication. Do you know why?  Because they are, at best, treating the symptoms of your diseases not the CAUSE!!!   And in more cases than not they are causing more issues than they are helping.  You may be wondering why your doctor hasn’t talked to you about changing your diet and lifestyle. Simple: 1.  In medical school doctors are provided 4-19 hours of information on nutrition. 2. Basic economics. If they make all their patients well they are out of a job!!!!  Same goes with the pharmaceutical companies. They don’t want you to get healthy!!!  That cuts into their profits!  They want to keep you fat, sick and nearly dead!  (Also the title of a documentary you can find on Netflix that is very informative)

It’s been suggested by some that what I’m doing is extreme. What I find extreme is going blind, having extremities amputated or having my chest cracked open all because of diseases that are preventable and reversible by changing my diet and lifestyle. What I’m doing is jump starting my way back to health. Yes, I could have done this at home by making the changes I need to make and it would have taken longer. This is the express pass, using a Disney term, to health!  

I beg, implore, pray that my friends, family and anyone else that may be reading this to think about changing your diet and lifestyle.  Especially if you have one of the diseases that are reversible by making the change (diabetes, heart disease, cancer…  Yes cancer!  They had a woman leave here right before I arrived that had lymphoma when she arrived. I’m not sure how long she stayed but when she left the lymphoma was GONE!!!!). Tomorrow I will be discussing the diet and lifestyle changes I will be making when I go back home. Till then…Have an OUTSTANDING day!


One thought on “Day 6 Information day

  1. Very cool insights. And yes, that expose from NYT was pretty damaging eh? But how many people remember it? How many people saw it? There are neuroscientists hired by food companies to make food irresistible. And neuroscientists work for those companies because they pay better than working for the broccoli foundation.


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