Day 6 part 2

I just had to take a minute and write about some things that happened today. First, I sat next to a man in the cooking demo today (yes, I can be around food now without it bothering me!) who has been fasting for 25 days!!!  He’s doing 35 days total so he’s on the final stretch. I was telling him about my pain and he said he had the same thing happen to him around day 10 ( I guess I’m an overachiever 😂😂) and that one night he literally thought he was going to die. He encouraged me to stick it out because it does go away. 

The second thing I wanted to share was that there is an intern here named Renae. She was the one to do rounds yesterday afternoon and brought me extra ice packs to try to help with the pain. She was also on-call last night. She is currently sitting in the courtyard on a personal phone call. I was doing laps (trying to get those toxins to move faster out of my body!) and she stopped me to ask how I was feeling. She was still on her phone call but asked the person she was taking to to hang on so she could talk to me. They genuinely care about how you’re doing here. It’s so refreshing to have medical personnel actually be interest and concerned about your health and well-being instead of my regular doctor asking how I’m doing and not listening to the answer. It started raining pretty hard so I had to cut my laps short.  So it’ll be a relaxing afternoon of movies or instructional DVD’s!


4 thoughts on “Day 6 part 2

  1. Awesome stories! I’m so glad you are being looked after and that the community you are surrounded by is supportive. It makes all the difference in the world, eh? And I’m sooooo impressed at how well you are doing! Being around food and fasting is NOT EASY!!! It takes a lot of discipline of the mind. Well done!!!


  2. Thank you! My suite mate Alison and I were talking about the staff last night. They either hire the most amazing people at this place or have an outstanding training program. The credentials that come with the doctors here are amazing, Stanford, Columbia etc, and yet they are the most caring supportive group of medical professionals I have ever met.


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