Day 7 part 2

First, I am proud of myself for making it to day 7!  Half way there!  Every time I’ve tried to fast in the past I never made it past day 3. 

I had two doctors agree with my decision to change to juice. My blood pressure went up significantly this morning and they agreed I needed some sleep!  So, now I’m drinking four 12oz glasses of various juices a day. Boy, can I tell that my taste buds have changed just in 6 days on water. The morning juice was really good. I think it was watermelon and celery. The one in the afternoon looked like it had some sort of greens in it but it was also REALLY sweet. They don’t use sugar here so it was just the fruit causing the sweetness. If I had to guess I’m thinking it was pineapple. 

My doctor checked in this afternoon and we’re going to give it till Monday to see if the pain reduces. If not then we’re going to try some alternative options. As you have probably guessed by now they don’t use any sort of medications here. 

I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned how we eat, or better yet, how we will be eating when I get home. The girls, Jay and I have been on a plant based diet for almost the last 6 years. (If you want to know why we made the switch let me know and I’ll be more than happy to share!)  For the past year or so we’ve also eliminated almost all oil. When I get home, I will be making food without added sugar or salt either.  We will also be eliminating almost all processed food (which contains a TON of salt, sugar and oil).  The guidelines we will be following when purchasing any processed food is: no more than 20% of calories come from fat, sodium should be equal to or less than the calories and any natural sugars shouldn’t be within the first 3 ingredients.  I firmly believe that this will be the best way for all of us to live long, healthy lives!


2 thoughts on “Day 7 part 2

  1. In my book, you are still fasting. If you aren’t eating, to me, you’re still fasting. You gave the water a fair go and if the switch to juice reduces the pain then it’s a great result. How are your other numbers doing? Are you still losing about 2 pounds a day or has that tapered off a bit? And your blood sugars? How is that number?


  2. For the last 2 days I haven’t lost any weight. It seems my body likes 192.4 right now. My blood sugar had gone up a little yesterday but still significantly under what would be considered diabetic. I brought my meter with me and I was curious as to what it would do after drinking juice all day. About 3 hours after my fourth glass it was at 118. Still way within non-diabetic ranges. I’m interested to see what their meter says this morning


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