Day 8 – the beginning of the second part of my adventure

Today begins my second week of fasting. While the doctors here don’t consider “juice fasting” to be “real” fasting it’s still benefiting my body. I’m just doing it with minimal calories and some nutrients. Which leads me to the exciting news!!!  I SLEPT LAST NIGHT!!!!  😴😴😴  6.5 hours but that’s much better than 2!!!!  Which leads me to my thought/lesson of the day:  ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, listen to your body!!!  If it’s in distress somewhere it’s trying to tell you something and if you don’t listen it’s going to get worse!  My ego got in the way of listening to my body earlier in the week. I was bound and determined to “push through” the pain so that I didn’t have to break my fast and in my ego mind feel like a failure (my suite mate actually said that she was a failure for breaking the water fast even though her body was giving her very clear signals it was done). Now that I’m thinking clearer 😎 I know that I wasn’t a failure for breaking the water fast. I was being brave by listening to my body and giving it what it needed. I had just started to write that “I know the cleansing process will be slower now” and I stopped myself. How do I know that?  Because others have told me that?  That may be true for other people. It doesn’t need to be true for me.  My body is like no one else’s and so it’s not going to react or behave like anyone else’s either. Maybe my body needed those nutrients and calories to finish the cleansing process at its current rate of speed. Who knows. I trust that this miraculous system knows what it’s doing and I just need to pay more attention when it’s trying to talk to me!!! 

As a testament to the word getting out about True North and its benefits, they are booked to capacity for the next week!  (50 people) The timing on my losing my job and being able to get in here was amazing!  It looks like we are getting some sort of carrot juice this morning as I can see the kitchen from my bedroom window and the chef is putting carrots in the blender. Oh, that’s another point to make. This juice isn’t coming from a juicer that removes most, if not all, of the fiber from the food. This juice is coming from a high speed blender so that all of the fiber is left. (Vitamix or Blendtec are the favorite brands among chefs)

It’s almost time for morning rounds so I will sign off now and have an OUTSTANDING day!


One thought on “Day 8 – the beginning of the second part of my adventure

  1. Yay for sleep! Feels so good. And good call on catching yourself with the “mind read” of what your future will hold with the juice. I hope you said “choi”!



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