Day 9 Happy Mother’s Day!

Today will be the first Mother’s Day in 18 years where I haven’t been home. I am deeply grateful to Jay, Abbey and my mom for “holding down the fort” while I ensure that I’m around for a lot more Mother’s Days!  

I have started to notice, now that I am on day 3 of the juice that the hunger is returning. I’m not a big fan of that “side affect”. I was content not being hungry on water after like the 4th day. However, I start re-feeding on Thursday or Friday of this week so just a few more days. My lab results came back and there were a few interesting results. The part of the report that showed how my liver was doing had high results. This is actually to be expected as you’re fasting. The liver is working extra hard getting crap out of your body. The second number I found interesting is my glucose. It was within “normal” ranges. So, overall a good report. Speaking of my lab report, when you arrive they hand you a DVD case with about 45 DVD’s in it. One of these DVD’s is “How to understand your lab results”. It was very informative and explained a lot about which line corresponded with which organs and why the results may be high or low. 

We had a lot of people leave yesterday and I assume a lot more arriving today or tomorrow. It’s kind of odd building a bond with these people and then have them leave. The guy who is doing the 35 day fast must have met a lot of people!  I talked to him yesterday after I had done my nightly courtyard walk. He was so excited because his glucose level had gone way down. This was a man who arrived here 40 pounds heavier and with an A1C level of 10.5. For those of you who aren’t around a diabetic, the A1C level is a 3 month “average” of your blood sugar levels. As one doctor here explained it, it’s how sticky your blood is from the glucose. It should be below 6. When I was first diagnosed mine was 7.2. Nine months ago it was at 6.1. The doctors here would like me to be in the low 5’s when I get it rechecked in August. 

I’m looking forward to my doctor, here, doing one of the lectures today (yes, they have classes during the weekends). She’s doing it on “How to do nothing”. It reminds me of a line from ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.  Liz Gilbert’s Italian tutor is teaching her words and phrases and he says “…it means the sweetness of doing nothing. Italians are masters of it”. I left off the Italian phrase as I have no idea how to spell it! 😂  Sometimes we just need to sit and do nothing. Let our minds and bodies take some time to just breathe and relax. So, on this Mother’s Day I would like to encourage all the mom’s to just sit and take some time to do nothing!

Have an OUTSTANDING day! 

Update:  vitals from this morning: blood sugar: 111 (much better than yesterdays), blood pressure: 113/57; pulse: 74; weight: 193.6   I had to look at that last number twice. How does someone gain weight consuming 500 calories a day?  According to my Fitbit I’ve already burned 500 calories just this morning!  The doctor was a little surprised too. He thinks I’m retaining water because of the juice. I am thrilled, however, that my blood sugar came back down!


3 thoughts on “Day 9 Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Shannon – just breathing in stillness for a moment. Thanks for the reminder to sit and do nothing which can always lead to something! Action and Contemplation….action and contemplation…


  2. Good numbers! It’s interesting to watch them and try and figure out what the body is actually doing that causes them to fluctuate when you have such steady variables in other areas. I love the body. It is always talking. You just need to figure out what it’s saying.


  3. I wish I could speak “body” sometimes so it didn’t take me so long to figure out what it’s saying! 😂
    I know this will get easier the longer I have a clean diet and practice being in tune to it


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