Day 11

Vitals: weight 194.8; blood pressure 104/65; pulse 66; blood sugar 97; sleep 7 hours 

It’s the final countdown… Well at least to eating!  Two more days on juice unless they decide to switch me over earlier due to something that happened yesterday. Despite drinking a lot of water I now have a urinary tract infection. Not sure how they are going to treat it yet. I have a chiropractic treatment today to help my back and then right after that I see my doctor. 

I’m happy about my blood sugar number as in the past my blood sugar would go up when I was sick or had an infection. Today’s is actually down from yesterday’s 114. 

For anyone considering a fast of this length please don’t do it on your own. Come to a place like True North where you can be monitored. I’ll be perfectly honest with you. Fasting sucks!  Nausea, headaches, diarrhea, light-headedness and fatigue just to name a few of the things your body goes through as it cleans itself out. That being said, the benefits are amazing. We heard from a woman yesterday who is a “patient” here and is also a doctor herself. She had lupus. Yes, I said, had.  There are no indications in any of her blood work that she has the disease now.  She also shared that she had started to have symptoms of MS that are also now completely gone. She runs a health care clinic in Aspen, CO where people come to her from all over the world to have her help them get better. Do you know what she does?  She doesn’t throw prescriptions at them, she helps them change their diet!  Changing your diet is a whole lot cheaper and less drastic than open heart surgery!  

I’m hoping th sun comes out more today as I’m getting tired of sitting in my baby room. I think I’m going to work on a packing list for future guests. I wasn’t sure what to bring and I sure wish I had had such a list. I would have brought much warmer clothes as you get cold when you’re fasting. I would have also brought a hat as your hair is not pretty after not showering for 11 days!  (Thankfully I have Amazon prime and ordered one!). I’ve seen a number of Amazon boxes so I’m not the only one who wishes they had something they didn’t bring. 

Update:  the person who draws blood just called me and said she had an order to draw blood on me this morning. That makes me wonder if there was something in my urinalysis that makes them want to look closer at what’s going on.  I hadn’t been told about it so she’s going to call the doctor and call me back. Thankfully she’s really good at her job!

Time to finish up my juice and head out for my morning walk. Have an OUTSTANDING day!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


2 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Shannon – can you explain more about why you can’t shower? Does it have something to do with the detox process and the chemicals in shampoo/soap?


    1. Most definitely. The reason is actually pretty simple. They don’t want us to faint! When hot water runs over your blood pressure drops. It’s also because showing actually takes up a lot of energy when you’re fasting. They don’t want you to do anything that would drain what little energy you have. They actually ask you not to bring shampoos or soap because of the chemicals and especially the perfumes in them. They provide shampoo and soap for after you get done.


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