Day 13 – FOOD!!!

Vitals: blood pressure 98/62; weight 193.2; pulse 62; blood sugar 95!!!!

Wow, where to start with today…  Let’s start with food. First of all, I wasn’t all that hungry so I had to force myself to eat some. Can you imagine, 12 days without food and I’m not hungry. That just blew my mind!  I took WAY too much food at breakfast.  Your stomach shrinks considerably after not eating for 12 days. I am on raw fruits and veggies for today. Tomorrow I get to add steamed veggies and potatoes. I was better at lunch, on portions, but again took too much. I have discovered that I love prickly pear fruit!  I will definitely be cutting even further at dinner. I was also a tad disappointed that I didn’t have the same reaction to tastes as some people have. Expectations again…  I think this is because we have already been plant based for almost 6 years and I know what plant based food tastes like when it’s not swimming in oil or something else. Regardless, it’s yummy!!!  Especially that prickly pear!  

Two other “firsts” today. One, I got to shower!!!  It took me three times at washing my hair before it felt clean!  The second thing was my acupuncture treatment. I’ve had acupuncture in Fort Worth but never here. She had me lie on my stomach and placed the needles in my hips, my “gluteus” area, down my legs and in between my toes.  There was only one area where the needle was painful going in. She said it was a liver/spleen spot. My feet and legs seem to be doing better this afternoon. Tonight will be the real test. 

I also did an emotional release on something (I will not be sharing the event)that has popped into my mind a few times this week. There are a number of ways you can do this process. What I did was bring up my feeling about the event and then I started writing. I swore, I wrote in big bold letters, I let all the emotions I had been carrying spill out onto the paper. I cried and allowed myself to feel the pain. By the time I got to the bottom of the page I was feeling much better. I then tore up the paper and threw it away along with most, if not all, of the pain I had surrounding the event.  I would have burned the paper had I had the resources to do so!  

Because of all of this I plan to have the best nights sleep since I’ve been here!!!  This afternoon’s class is on strategies for eating out. Time to go get some more vitamin D in the sunshine!  Have an OUTSTANDING day!

I forgot one thing. The gentleman who does some of the housekeeping and maintenance here stopped me earlier on one of my laps. He wanted to tell me how impressed he was with me and that I looked amazing!  He said that he expects great things when I return home!  Seriously could have cried!  It’s that kind of encouragement and support that makes me know I did the right thing by coming here!


2 thoughts on “Day 13 – FOOD!!!

  1. Wow! What an amazing place. Everyone there seems 100% committed to their work and the journeys that people are on. And for that guy to take the time to tell you how great you are doing – seriously cool stuff!!! I’m so glad that you are able to eat again and really hoping the pain is on its way out permanently!!!


  2. Yes, I totally agree! Every single person who works here wants to see you succeed. The acupuncture seemed to help with the pain some. Either that or it was a combination of that and my emotional release. I’m learning so much about how the body works and how the food you eat affects that complicated process!


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