Day 15 phew!!!

Vitals: blood pressure 102/64; pulse 54; weight 193.6; blood sugar 102 – although the phew in the title isn’t because of my blood sugar it applies to that as well. 

Today was a busy day! (That’s why the “phew” in the title!). Breakfast was divine!  We had oatmeal French toast casserole with apricot and pineapple sauce. It was SO good!  There’s no actual “toast” in it just kind of the flavor. Then I was off to my second acupuncture appointment. My body seemed to react more today then the first time and I was kind of achy and light-headed when I finished. Because of that I went back to my room and had some water and rest before lunch. I thought breakfast was good…lunch was even better!  Even though I’m not technically supposed to eat beans till tomorrow I couldn’t resist the black bean and sweet potato bake!  They also had more potato salad!!! 🎉🎉

After lunch my suite mate, who actually lives in Santa Rosa, drove one of the other women and I downtown. For those of you from Texas, it reminded me of downtown Grapevine. We were able to make it to 3 stores before both of us were exhausted!  My suite mate only made it one store so she had already returned, so, my friend and I grabbed a cab. I’m glad I’m going to be here for another 4 days so I can get some of my strength back before I head home. Thankfully I have a longish layover in San Diego so I won’t need to be running for my connection. 

There are a lot of visitors here on Saturdays which makes me miss my family even more. I know I am where I need to be. The synchronicity around everything that happened makes me positive of that. As I finished typing that sentence I looked up and saw this shape in the clouds. It looked to me a little like a representation of an angel (or the Batman call 😂) Perhaps my sister, Shelley, smiling down on me!  Time to go drink some more water and do some vitamin D therapy (sunshine!) before dinner. 


2 thoughts on “Day 15 phew!!!

  1. Amazing how just a little exercise wears you out, huh? I’m so glad that you are enjoying the food and taking in the sights around your area. And more importantly taking it a few steps at a time. I remember a lady in Singapore who did a 6-day fast and then went to a party on day 7 and drank champagne. Needless to say, she got really sick. There’s something to be said about putting one foot in front of the other.



    1. I can’t even imagine how sick! Yes, even just a little exercise wears all of us out! We were discussing that at dinner last night and agreed that we’re glad we’re staying, for the most part, the full time after our fasts to regain our stamina and energy for our flights home! As the Happy Herbivore is always saying “Progress not perfection”!


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