Day 16

I stepped into some old behavior yesterday that I am attempting to figure out. It was “time” for dinner. I wasn’t hungry and yet I felt I “should” eat. And so I did. Not only did I eat I over ate, which wasn’t hard since I wasn’t hungry in the first place!  So, I’ve spent most of last night and this morning curious as to why I did that. I think one of the reasons was that I knew I would be hungry later after dinner was over. Solution: take something cold and put it in my refrigerator until such a time that I am hungry.  Another solution: don’t eat dinner!  You just came off a 12 day fast!!!  One meal is a piece of cake!  Take a walk instead!  The second reason, and this has more to do with over-eating, is that I was sitting at a table with 8 other people and we were talking. I wasn’t being mindful of what or how much I was eating. Solution: bring my plate outside or back to my living room and eat alone and consciously. I can talk to the people here at other times. 

I actually slept 8 hours last night!!!  Yay!!!!  Since I don’t think I’ve addressed the pain in a while let me do that now. Acupuncture has helped tremendously!  I’ve had two treatments and while the burning sensation in my feet, and the pain in my legs, was more dramatically reduced with the first treatment, I think both treatments have helped considerably. Both conditions are no longer keeping me awake at night and aren’t preventing me from falling back asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. You have no idea how ecstatic I am about this!!!  I firmly believe with continued treatment, eating properly  and finally being able to move again, without pain!, is going to help tremendously!  

I may try to venture back downtown again today to go to a spice shop where they sell an array of salt free and sugar free spices and blends. They don’t sell them in pre-packaged containers so I can buy as little or as much as I want. I can also use my own containers when I get home. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day!  I also need to think about going to the mall and buying myself a pair of pants that fit me for my flight home!  Thankfully, I brought drawstring pants to wear while I was here!

Have an OUTSTANDING day!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. Isn’t is great to down size? It’s so fantastic that you are feeling less pain with the acupuncture treatments. I’m hoping that it’s a combination of both the fasting as well as the acupuncture that is having the effect. I did acupuncture on my leg for 6 months or so and though it did give me some relief, the diet is what ultimately made the pain go away for good. I’m crossing my fingers that it works for you too.


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