Day 16 part 2

Adventure day!  After a mindful breakfast of oatmeal with berries and bananas I took a stroll through the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetary. Wow!  What an unbelievable place. It is very overgrown and is full of gravestones for people who, primarily, died in the mid to late 1800’s. I found the tree, shown below, with the gate or some sort of iron work in it. The tree just grew around the metal. It was quite an interesting thing to see. After my walk I came back and relaxed a little before lunch of lasagna and wild mushroom soup. The lasagna was so good!  The soup was good too I just thought it needed something…onion maybe?  Anyway, after lunch I decided to be brave and walk the 1.2 miles downtown to the spice shop. According to the staff, this spice shop has the freshest spices around and they have quite an assortment of salt free blends. So off I went, down Macdonald street which has a wonderful array of beautiful homes and the biggest eucalyptus tree I’ve ever seen!  If anyone has seen the movie “Pollyana” I guess the house below, behind the gate, was used in the movie. The other home just caught my eye because of the beautiful tile work. 

I made it to the spice shop and was able to try a number of their salt free blends and pick out a few to take home. Fairly reasonable prices I thought. (  After I was done I called the cab company to take me back. I wasn’t sure I was up for another mile hike back. Well, the Universe had different plans because the wait for a cab was 40 minutes. It would only take me about 25 to get back on foot. So, once again, off I went. Thankfully I had grabbed a water bottle before I left. I made it about 3/4 of the way back when I started to get pretty worn out and hot. It was a sunny beautiful day and I focused on the scenery around me as I started to struggle to get back. Phew!!  I made it!  I had to remind myself that this was just my 4th day of eating after a 12 day fast. Of course I was tired!  I went back to my room, got a big glass of cold water, two ice packs, laid down on my bed and put my feet up on the wall. My feet were on the larger ice pack and I had the smaller one on my back. I think I’m going to sleep well tonight!!!

Eating went better today. I had breakfast, for the most part, by myself. Lunch and dinner were spent with my friends here and I was still mindful of how and what I was eating. The reason I say breakfast was spent for the most part by myself was because I had a gentleman join me almost as I was done. He just arrived late last night from Athens, GA. It felt good to kind of give him the “lay of the land” and information as I had been provided, by the ‘veterans’, when I arrived.  It feels strange to see the people that I have spent the last 16 days with slowly trickle out to return home. It’s amazing how close you can become with people when you’re sharing the same experience. I will be forever grateful to the men and women here who gave me the strength and encouragement to keep with the fast and share their stories. 

Time for bed!  Have an OUTSTANDING week!


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