Day 18 Happiness is…

Happiness is having the doctor, doing rounds this morning, say to you “Welcome to being one of our success stories!” as I worried about my blood sugar being a little higher than it has been in the past few days. He said to me “Some diabetics we see here have their blood sugar jump up to 160 or 180 when they start re-eating. You’re good!”  

Happiness is being able to tell that nasty disease good-bye once and for all!

Happiness is being an inspiration to others on their own journeys. I talked with a woman yesterday, who happens to be a doctor herself, as I was walking in the courtyard after lunch. She told me that she sees me out there walking all the time and says to herself “you need to get out there and walk like Shannon”.  So, that’s what she was doing. 

Happiness is having met a great bunch of people, who like me, are sometimes struggling to figure out their own journey’s and are finding the end of numerous diseases as we walked this part of the journey together. 

Happiness is a hot day which is causing everyone to take a day of relaxation and rest. 

Happiness is not having to find something to eat in the airports as the chef is making me a “to go” bag with breakfast, lunch and dinner!  

Happiness is learning valuable information that I can share with anyone who wants to listen. 

Happiness is getting to see my family again in 48 hours!  I know I was supposed to be here. I also know that I miss my family and can’t wait to give them big hugs!

Happiness is being abundantly grateful to my mom, my sister and my anonymous donor who gave me the financial ability to be here!  I am also abundantly grateful for their love and support!

Happiness is knowing that I have made a great start on my new journey!  The best is yet to come!


3 thoughts on “Day 18 Happiness is…

  1. Hi Shannon – how well I remember that potato salad! You & I were on about the same refeeding schedule. A pleasure to meet you, and I wish you all success on your journey! Your determination and courage are strong…. this was a life-changing experience for me, for most everyone there, I think. Have a good trip home tomorrow!


    1. Hi Wendy! I hope you had a safe journey in the first part of your travels! Yes, it was most definitely a life changing experience for me as well! I would love to hear about your eye pressure when you get it rechecked. Thank you for being a part of my journey!


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