Day 1…of the rest of my life

As I sit in San Francisco Airport watching everyone eat their S.A.D (standard American diet) food, I’m reminded of how challenging it will be to eat in the “real” world. I’m also grateful that Chef Bravo and his staff packed me this HUGE doggie bag full of food so that I don’t have to figure out what to eat as I travel today. I didn’t want to mess up all the hard work I’ve done in the past 3 weeks!  You should have seen the looks of my fellow travelers as I unpacked my food!!!  ðŸ˜‚😂😂  (you’ll know why when you look at the picture!)

My husband and daughters are rock stars!  They’ve already bought new glass storage containers and have prepped all kinds of vegetables. My doctor suggested that we set up a salad bar, of sorts, in our refrigerator. When I get home, I will cook some beans/lentils so they can go into our salad bar as well.  I will also be making all kinds of SOS (salt, oil, sugar) free salad dressings. I am ready for the opportunity to make this way of eating a habit and lifestyle!  

I’ve been told that my full energy level will probably not be back to “normal” levels for about 2 months (yes, I know Lindley, limiting belief!)  I have learned to listen to my body more, since I’ve been gone, and will continue to do so without expectations (thank you Wynne!) of when my energy levels return to normal. Actually it wasn’t too good when I left so any improvement will be noticed, as it already has!  

Time to find some water!

Have an OUTSTANDING day!!!


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